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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photo project, "Greek myth"

Since I do not have a scanner,  I have used my digital camera to take pictures of prints that I made using a film camera and darkroom printing. The project is a modern interpretation of the greek myth of Icarus.
Trapped in the everyday
A reason to escape
The first flight
Falling on deaf ears
To close to the sun
Gravity takes hold


  1. Rad photos. Very expressive, keep it up.

  2. Very cool pictures... Look forward to more. Keep in touch.

  3. You have a real talent, mate. Don't stop doing what you love, it's clear to me you picked the right subject to love. Just gorgeous, my friend.


  4. really nice pics, man. keep it up!

  5. Nice moderen interpretation i would never be able to do something like this art is not a field i excel in...
    anyway cya mate

  6. nice photos man. i like the use of some multi-exposure in there especially "too close to the sun"

    What film camera you got?

  7. Not bad. Plan on doing any more myths?

  8. It actually looks like it's own style since you had to use a digital camera to take pictures of your prints.
    You should mess around with that, probably get some cool ideas.