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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not one more word

                                                                   Not One More Word

Now baby the neighbors might here us
But you could care less
In your mind your alone
like a message on a phone
you're distant, disconnected
your seclusion perfected
clinging to anything
that makes you feel protected
leave all all alone

distant sirens calling, calling our names
remind us of the fire we put out long ago
The more things change the more we like to blame
the second hand is ticking it's time to go

We love
we cry
we hate
we lie
we live 
we die
we try and try

All out medicines and treatments
in the end it's all useless 
like treating a headache with suicide
our efforts are fruitless
give me the antidote for this cure
give me a lock for this key
give me a river to run through
this canyon in me

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