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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

gona start posting songs I wrote like back when i was doing music and stuff

Pretty lies and open eyes~

Hey there babe you know that I love running
but your to fast for me now
all these endless conversations
project our declarations 
that were just not ready somehow

and it was then that i knew
as I stared at my shoes
that your face was not a mask at all
but that you just never knew
just whose point of view
to take with you as you fall

And I know babe that you're trying
but thats just not the point anymore
it's the pain that hurts me still
and the blood that you have spilled
when took my heart and left it on your floor
I just can't do this anymore

And I know you'll do just fine
girl like you can have any guy
But he could never be me
we both know what could never be
I guess i was to blind see 
your beautiful conspiracy
But babe the blind now see
yeah the blind now see

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