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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rainy day

In between the torrents of rain, took the jeep down the highway and snapped some cool shots...


  1. oh wow double rainbow across the sky! great find

  2. "can't rain all the time"

    love rain, and love rainbows :D

  3. Nice shots, very lucky captures really. Good job of making the most out of a limited chance.

  4. Ahh Dyl my friend... I needn't even look at the blog title to know this amazing work is yours, and yours alone. I've been on that road the second picture down is what's familiar. And mate, I envy you so much. While passing through, I was always wondering what it'd be like to live in these areas, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon... The raw beauty of the land is captivating.

    But you managed to captivate the beauty.
    As always... Superb.

  5. The first picture is fantastic.

  6. Nice dude, the first picture looks great

  7. Excellent pictures! Each one of the hills is breath taking, I can't stop looking at the second photo, the way the fence line fades into the distance, its just an awesome photo!


  8. It's starting to look like a TRIPLE RAINBOW.

  9. beautiful photos, what kind of camera you using?