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Wednesday, September 22, 2010



Well i'm sorry babe that you missed me
And I ignored all the goodbyes you kissed me
But baby you know I know that look in your eyes

Oh and it's hard to take you seriously 
When you're burning oh so furiously
So lets just skip the truth baby
And get right down to the lies

Well if I love you and you love me
Then what with all this conspiracy 
Why are we stuck to the wall
Hiding there like flies

So lets set the record straight my dear
Am I the only man that you see here
Or am I just another one of the guys

Oh babe you're driving me insane
If like a lifeboat in a hurricane 
struggling to keep my head above

But if there's room on your ship for a first mate
Then hell girl don't you wait
take the dive, come on take a chance on love

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