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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Living with a goat

This is the goat I live with.
"Oh hi!"

Like most baby animals he started out adorable and innocent. With few warning signs as to the shenanigans that he would commit.
"When I grow up I'm going to shit all over EVERYTHING!"

This goat has a few favorite pastimes, among them is pooping, eating, pooping more, ramming his horns into things and knocking stuff over. Occasionally he will become stuck in things and this makes for great entertainment.
Hilarity ensues
To summarize a goat is a interesting pet to have. There are pros,  he is a biological lawnmower  and I guess their crap is good for gardening or something... and there are cons as well, such as the noise of him ramming the house, him destroying things by jumping on them, and of course... the poop.

Also this is what greets me when i look out the window of the back porch door.
"I must feed mortal"

The dead look in his eyes still creeps me out...


  1. Goats have ALWAYS freaked me out, they ALWAYS have dead, soul devouring eyes. A sort of 'Hi, I'm from hell' feel to them.


  2. I once had a goat, his name was Kabob... until one day I almost the whole goat, and then the town said no.

  3. D'awww that goat is freaking adorable.
    I dunno if I could handle one as a pet, but I love visiting them at the local safari park!

    Cawlin's Twitter!

  4. Holy Jesus that's scary. UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN!

  5. haha love the one with the bag on its head!